1 12 2012

I came home late. (oh please time management)

would you really handover to your colleague to do 2 punch biopsies ?

we had this lady with a phototoxic drug eruption ( i mean hey we knew this 30 minutes after doing a history and physical) but the offending agent ?

had to wait for hours before derm got back to us (i blame it on a very small email system…where are you NBN!!)


anyway lets talk about indapamide as our drug today.


Indapamide belongs to the Thiazide group.




inhibit NaCk reabsorption from luminal side of epithelial cells in DCT by blocking the Na+/CL= transporter (NCC)

enhance Calcium reabsorption



only thiazide for parenteral : chlorothiazide
excretion : indapamide (biliary)
all thiazides secreter by organic acid secretory system in proximal tubule


1. Hypertension
2. Heart failure
3. Nephrolithiasis – from idiopathic hypercalciuria
4. nephrogenic Diabetic insipidus


1. Hypokalaemic metabolic alkalosis and Hyperuricemia
2. Impaire glucose tolerance
3. Hyperlipidaemia
4. Hyponatreamia
5. Allergic Reactions