A life of lockdown

13 04 2020

Where I am currently living, there is a partial lockdown.

No more meals outside; just take-away food.

Much angst about job losses and income security amongst some people; I guess we are fortunate to be employed. I echo a phrase from my old mentor “without patients; we would be out of a job…”

It has been > 1 year since I have updated this blog.

I chose to keep this blog open as a source / repository for my future trainees / children.

I do wonder at times ; is there more to life than medicine itself ?

Should I embrace this wellness concept ? …

ON a more serious note; I have been watching lots of Radiopaedia lectures (subscribed) to some of them. GOLD !




I reminisce when life was slightly simpler when I was a registrar…

I remember 2013; I was a freshly minted registrar at a place called Ipswich. Literally felt like I was thrown in a deep end. Fantastic acute medicine; and very steep learning curve.

I struggled to pass the primary exams then (I still hold resentment at a previous workplace in 2012 where I was not given enough leave)

But my struggle came down to focus.

I was fortunate enough to pass these exams by the skin of my teeth thanks to the amazing tutelage and assistance from the people then.

Ipswich has a very fond place in my heart.

My transfer of an intubated patient with multi-organ failure (on inotropes and all that jazz) to a tertiary centre… (which then became many…)

My first diagnosis of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy !

My foray into lung ultrasound.

My few neonatal resuscitations !


Now as a consultant I wonder how to pass on the wonder and expectations I have on the trainees… is it too much to expect a higher standard or enthusiasm ?








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