Hello world!

10 10 2012

Hello everyone.

I have finally bitten the bullet and started this blog as a means to :

a. share interesting cases (for my own record and learning/reflection purposes) as well as to trade experiences

b. express myself in a more productive way…rather than facebook.

I’m currently an unaccredited registrar (principle house officer) in a urban district ED in Queensland. I therefore very junior and humbly seek to state that whatever I share here will be as anonymous as possible.

Having not done well in my exams, hopefully whatever I write/present will encourage myself to rethink the basics of anatomy/physiology/pharm/path when I encounter every case.

(I know I know, pass the primary first…)


I  thought it would be apt to share one thought I use before I start a shift in Emergency each day.

I recite what an American Emergency Physician, Greg Henry says :

“Judgement is the providence of the Lord, patients come to us for HELP, not judgement”

quoted from his “sermon”/speech/presentation from the ICEM this year. You can listen here :


It is so easy to look on the computer screen and roll our eyes/curse/sigh when you see all sorts of presentations ranging from :

the 20 year old female student presenting with dysmenorrhea (who obviously hasn’t taken any pain relief fearing side effects)

to the 70 year old man who was referred by his GP with asymptomatic BP of 180/90 despite 2 anti-hypertensives.


Keep reciting “judgement is for the Lord” ……

Smile. Always say sorry for the wait. Irregardless. Its awful waiting for 30 minutes for your dinner isn’t it ? (but then emergency departments aren’t McDonalds!)


But we need to tell ourselves…we ARE a service based industry.




Anyway goodnight. Case coming up.






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