another sporadic post

12 07 2013

thought i’d put a note to my shift yesterday.

Patient 1.

A flutter with syncope – admit telemetry

cause ? (probably too much flecainide and all the agents – alpha blocker/beta blocker/CCB/flecainide)

need to revise : Drugs for anti-arryhmics esp flecainide

Physiology : cardiac AP


2. Man seen yesterday w ? gastritis (used NSAIDs for weeks for arthritis) and today presents with worsening tummy pain and rash.


Rash – confluent maculopapular kind – distributed all over – not specific distribution. blanching. looks like drug rash.

Tummy – RLQ pain +++


diagnosis – perforated appendix w free fluid on CT. 

lessons : good disposition for ppl with abdo pain – rash is a bad sign

need to look up literature about rash + abdo pain. ( i thought that was from nurofen !)


3. # cuboid + tuberosity of 5th metatarsal

anatomy – good to revise bones of feet and muscles of ant part of leg.


4. Scans done :

a. 1 FAST

b. 1 LUS – B lines in LLL suggestive of infiltrative process.


5. I+D right upper lip abscess

used infraorabital nerve block.

anatomy : revise face / triangle of danger



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