Almost a consultant…maybe

30 06 2017

I just realised it has been 4 years since my last post !

In 2 weeks time I will be sitting my Emergency Medicine specialist exams.


I had some practice OSCE sessions with a colleague and gems from the consultants today were :


“Don’t do a core basic thing poorly – heavy weighting ”

“That stuff needs to come out – you know this”

“Knowledge needs to come out in a structural way”

“Show an overview of a big picture”

“Get all the ducks lined up”


“You do not get marks for what you are thinking only what you are saying”


“Make a consultant handover concise and precise”


“YOU ARE A Beacon of calm for prioritized actions”


“Deconstruct each step for procedures”






I just finished a shift with 4 procedural sedations / 1 intubation :

a. Assisted in washing a middle aged man’s compound tib-fib fracture

b. Sedated an 85 year old female to wash a medial malleolus wound ; she had rib fractures and was recently in AF 2 weeks ago (she is on Apixaban)

c. Sedated a 40 year old 120kg lady’s tibio-talar dislocation

d. Intubated a young male with a GCS of 5

e. Sedated a middle aged lady to reduce a Colles fracture




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