The night before the OSCE

18 07 2017

it is 14 hours to the OSCEs.

I sit here in this nice, sparkly clean apartment with my laptop on my thighs. Notes / books scattered on tables/floors.

The shirt/scrubs are ironed / hung on hangers….

The shoes ready. Next to the door.

People tell me that I am ready. I don’t. I really am not.

I had a rough few weeks. Personal matters.

For the first time in my life, I have actually thought about suicide. It is real. What if ?

Don’t worry (I have more reasons to live)

Just goes to show that even myself am not immune to these thoughts. Suicide is real. Depression is real. I used to think that people on anti-depressants don’t necessary need to be on them …..


I had few encouraging emails from old bosses :

the most encouraging one was “good luck” but the truth is “you don’t need any more luck”
“you are a FACEM”



now….to try and remember that we actually measure thrombin time for dabigatran and now Xa levels….

or which is Neer’s test again. or Hawkins. or Mcmurrays…

Look. Feel . MRI !





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